Vice President for Research: Dr. Ali Salim

Phone: (+98 21) 6642597


As a main ITSR organ, the division of Vice President for Research is in charge of assessing needs, identifying, collecting and consolidating data, statistics, information and indices in the field of industry, mining and trade; setting up and managing databases and specialized networks and information systems related to industry, mining and trade; managing the analysis and integration of statistics, data, information and indices; Cooperating in order to consolidate and validate data and information in the area of industry, mining and trade, to consolidate production and trade policies, to integrate monetary, fiscal, and foreign exchange, as well as other macroeconomic policies with production, trade and technology policies; developing and expanding interactions and relations with state agencies, actors in the sector, as well as scientific and academic centers; and utilizing the capacities of the country's experts and scientific elite, through the strategic leadership of the following offices:

  • Documentation and Information Statistical Databases Office;
  • Policy Consolidation Directorate; 
  • Relationships Development Directorate.


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