How to Do Business With & Within IRAN
A Comprehensive Guide to the Iranian Market


Iran,  located in southwest  Asia,  with an area  of  1,648,000  square kilometers is one of the largest countries in the Near and the Middle East. It ranks sixteenth, in terms of size, among the countries of the world. Iran shares its northern borders, extending for more than 2,000 km, with three “CIS” states, namely, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkmenistan. 
The length of  the common  border between  Iran and  the three aforesaid countries includes almost 650 km of water along the southern shore of the Caspian Sea, which is the world’s largest lake. The altitude of this lake is about 25m below sea level.
Iran’s eastern borders are with Afghanistan, on the north, and Pakistan, on the south. To the west lie Turkey, on the north, and Iraq on the south, terminating at a shared river called “Arvand Rud” or “Shatt al-Arab” by, respectively, the Iranians and the Iraqis.

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