Leading think tank in policy formulation for Iran’s trade and industrial economy 

  1. 01Enhance international competitiveness 

    • Build capacity for catching-up with international industrial trends

    • Engage actively with target markets and explore new destinations

    • Educate Iranian business community on requirements of a deeply integrated trade regime

    • Foster innovation in economy through supporting knowledge-based clusters in policy formulations

  2. 02Advocate integrated policy platforms

    • Offer state-of-the-art policy recommendations to the Ministry

    • Monitor and evaluate the Iranian industrial and trade environment

    • Generate reliable databases for research on policy performance

    • Data-driven performance analysis of trade and industrial policies in different sectors

    • Drive impact by leading research community and publicizing the results

  3. 03Emerge as a hub for Resistive Economy

    • Utilize full capacity of domestic capabilities through building alliances and knowledge networks
    • Identify leverage points to increase efficiency in energy consumption and to enhance capital and labor productivity
    • Address the challenges in scaling Iranian SMEs
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