Vice President for Planning, Management and Resource Development : Sadegh Dadashi

Phone: (+98 21)66429583


As a main ITSR Organ, the division of Vice President for Planning, Development and Resource Management is in charge of supporting the activities of the Institute; planning, budgeting and monitoring budgets of the Institute; managing the performance of the Institute; continuous monitoring and controlling the projects and contracts; developing and continuous improvement of operational processes and procedures of the Institute. Human resource planning; enhancing employee capabilities; providing logistic, welfare, technical and utility services; administering the information and communication technology affairs, as well as systems development; reviewing organizational structures and components of the Institute; handling the financial, credit and auditing affairs; continuously controlling property and assets of the Institute; handling the legal Affairs, as well as other organizational development and improvement activities of the Institute; and matters relating to meetings of subsidiary companies and centers are among functions of Vice President for Planning, Development and Resource Management carries out through the following offices:

  • Planning and Development Office;
  • Human Resources and Logistics General directorate;
  • Financial Affairs and Auditing Directorate; 
  • Information and Communications Technology Directorate.



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