Business Training Center was founded back in 1995, acting as a training channel for the Ministry of Commerce, before its merger with Ministry of Industry and Mines, under auspices of ITSR. In a short period, Business Training Center was able to establish itself as the largest center for organizing training programs, topic, and specific conferences. Business Training Center is licensed to train government administrative staff and bureaucrats by Planning and Management Organization; it has 37branches across the country in every province and is also authorized to conduct professional graduate level programs. Business Training Center believes its practical approach and top-tier faculty members are the main competitive advantages differentiating it from similar organizations. In accordance with the international re-orientation of the Iranian economy, Business Training Center has expanded its export-oriented training programs and given its broad business network, is offering consulting services, both in terms of educating foreign partners on Iranian market and also organizing a business to business meetings. In the past two years, training programs on Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Iraqi and other neighboring markets have attracted more than 850executives.

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