Institute For Trade Studies and Research’s library has been established in 1980. The library is one of the country's specialized libraries in the field of economic, industry, mining, supply chain, marketing, etc. The accessing to more than a few dozen thousands of books, reports and scientific papers of this library are available mechanically in the local network environment of the library and also through the web. Currently, this library that is a part of “Management of Document and Statistical Databases” includes the following sub parts:


Library: including Persian and Latin books, research projects, analytical reports and periodicals;

Document center: including sources and documents related to the institute's researches including books, projects, analytical and statistical reports, theses, etc.;

Databases: including non-book sources (national and international electronical reports, videos and sounds, and specialized software in the field of economic and trade) and statistical databases;

Trindoc: As a website is the digital library of scientific works of the institute with  address.


Library services

A - Ordinary services which is presented to members based on the library ‘s the goals and current tasks:

  1. membership in the library and the possibility of using resources and study hall;
  2. providing reference services including expert advice and guidance to the main contacts, especially researchers, experts of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade and other government entities, policymakers and officials, professors, students, businessmen and producers and all economic activists;
  3.  providing querying services in the library through comprehensive and advanced software services by online services.


B - Special services for libraries and researchers including:

  1. exchange and donation of books and resources to other libraries;
  2. interlibrary loan services;
  3. the possibility of limited copying services in the library;


Library duties

  • quick and easy access to information and scientific documents needed by researchers;
  • performing reference services, including expert guidance for to researchers and relevant researchers in the institute;
  • providing loan services;
  • preparation of necessary updating of library reading lists;
  • identifying, ordering, collecting, preparing, classifying and registering written and unwritten information, and scientific documents and resources through the library and databases for the members.


Some revolutionary features and programs

  • setting up a library website and the possibility of searching resources through the Internet;
  • setting up the database of non-book documents through the Trindoc website;
  • updating publications of library monthly; so those can be viewed on the library website;
  • setting up a digital library;
  • communication with information centers online;
  • targeting in providing services to the target groups and members of the library;
  • setting up the statistical databases on the web.



Trade & Industry Documents (Trindoc) website has been designed as a digital library on the web platform in order to manage store and distribute of information and also timely extract of research documents in the field of industry, mining and trade, etc. Registration and use of this system and its scientific products is free for the public.



How to join

First, applicants must register on the library website at and then visit the library in person. In the visiting, they have to provide the desired documents according to the conditions of membership.

Membership conditions according to different user groups and required documents are as described in the following table:


members groups & terms

the membership fee in Iranian Rial

official letter of introduction

Id card and a photocopy of it

one piece of personal photo

employees of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade of Iran and its affiliated organizations





universities students and professors and members of scientific organization

two  hundred thousand




fivehundred thousand





* Registering in Trindoc system and using its scientific products is free for the public.


Contact us

A - through in-person consultation and phone coordination;

B - access to the library through the institution's website at the address   or

postal address: Address: No. 1204, Hamedan Alley, North Kargar St., Tehran, Iran

postal code: 1418693983

phone: +98 (21) 66432747

fax: +98 (21) 66929634

E-mail: &





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