Iran can be Europe's strategic partner in the region

Shata reporting from IRNA-  In an address during the opening ceremony of the center which was attended by more than 100 business people from Iran and Germany, Mr. Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh said that the center could be a good point of start for revival of cooperation between Iran and Germany.
He added, “We have had good trade ties with Germany in the past and the volume of our trade transactions stood at 7-8 billion Euros before the sanctions.”  He went on to say,  "now with the nuclear deal which is a win –win agreement, we can restore a new round for cooperation  between Iran and western countries especially Germany . During nuclear talks and after years of negotiations, major industrial countries in 5+1 camp understood that Iran has been acting honestly. I hope that this economic cooperation center would bring companies of two sides closer together, said Mr. Nematzadeh.
 "We face no political limitation and those European companies and banks who had been more continence during these years have now realized that there is no serious problem and we can cooperate with each other easily".
“Almost two to three business delegations from around the world visit Iran every week,” Nematzadeh said. “We can expand cooperation with the world in various fields such as car industry, banking relations and other economic areas.”
" It is time now for a fresh round of cooperation in which we regard each other as strategic partners for long term relationship", stated Mr. Nematzadeh. He commented that Iran can play a central role for Europe's business relations in region.
 In this ceremony, deputy minister and chairman of the board of IMIDRO, Mehdi Karbasian, highlighted the importance of the center saying that the idea behind opening this center was originally delivered by the minister of industry, mine and trade himself. He expressed Iran's readiness to open major Iranian companies' branches and offices in Germany.
In this regard Mr. Ali Majedi, Iran's ambassador to Germany evaluated opening of the center as a meaningful and constructive measure for deepening Iran and Europe relationship in general and Iran-Germany in particular. He went on to say that Iran and Germany have always had close cooperation between them and Germany has often been in the first or second position as business partner to Tehran and that it is expected that within a few years Germany restores its main position as first or second major business partner of Iran. There exist potential opportunities for economic cooperation between two countries, emphasized Mr. Majedi. "Presently we are observing a new chapter of cooperation between Iran and Western countries, particularly Germany", added Majedi.
 Iran-EU center for economic cooperation comprises one thousand square meters and is located in one of the floors within the German Near and Middle East Association building.


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