Economic ties with China are long term and strategic

SHATA News Agency – In a meeting with director of advisors committee of international research and development section of China's social science academy, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh said that in the new area the level of cooperation between Iran and China will not decrease but will sure increase and with the blend of capabilities two sides can synergize their capacities in a proper manner. Referring to the two sides' willingness to benefit from each other's markets, he said I.R. Iran stands as the middle east hub for a 400 million-population market and this provides China with a good opportunity to expand its trade and industrial relations.
The minister of industry, mine and trade went on to say that there are numerous economic contexts for cooperation with China among which we could refer to industries such as steel, aluminum, automotive, home appliance, aviation, etc, and each of them needs to define proper mechanisms.
"China can cooperate with Iran in constructing industrial towns especially in Iran's free zones which will give them special tax relives as well", pointed out Mr. Nematzadeh.  
" We are eager to expand training cooperation with China at managerial levels for the purpose of technology and knowledge transfer as well as standardization of industrial products", expressed Mr. Nematzadeh, emphasizing that with the removal of international banking sanctions of Iran we can foresee a bright future for Iran-China business people who might get great damages due to current situation,  added Nematzadeh. 

Ms. Baggi Jao, director of advisors committee of international research and development section of China's social science academy, said that the mechanisms and models as well as the laws for cooperation between Iran and China need to be defined clearly and strategically respectively.
She further stressed on the importance of integrating credible Iranian and Chinese companies to form strong cooperation models. Busienss and trade ties between two countries goes back to 20 years ago which can be further strengthened. 

" To achieve cooperation at strategic levels, we need to have more knowledge as to the foreign investment law in Iran and establishment of trading and manufacturing companies in Iran as well as joint venture and joint investment in Iran, add Ms. Jao

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