ITSR Initiates Collaboration with Oxford Business Group



The president of the Institute for Trade Studies and Research (ITSR), Dr.Razavi and Ms. Jana Treek, the Managing Director of Middle East region of Oxford Business Group (OBG) met on  January 17th, 2017 to discuss possible areas of cooperation to address  the data scarcity challenges with regard to Iranian economy and its diverse sectors. The issue has been a top priority for Iranian officials, and international investors have repeatedly voiced this concern over the past year, after implementation of the JCPOA. 
Oxford Business Group is a global research and consultancy company, with over 20 years of experience in offering business intelligence analytics, headquartered in London with presence all around the world in 36 countries from the Middle East to Africa, Asia to Latin America and the Caribbean. With experienced analysts who are stationed on the ground in different regions of the world, OBG strives to deliver accurate, detailed and independent analysis to the key economic questions that are imperative in making fundamental long-term investment decisions in and about regions where access to knowledge is power. 
In this meeting, Dr.Razavi emphasized the positive role that business intelligence firms play in guiding investors and enterprises to markets with the higher return which could provide long-term stability for their investment. Furthermore, he stated that with Iranian economy opening up after the implementation of the JCPOA and given the decade long isolation from the international markets, collecting rigorous data and generating reliable analysis is an urgent necessity for attracting international investors and enterprises. This issue has been at the center of policy discussions in Iran, as business leaders and negotiators report a high initial interest of investors in opportunities of Iran’s economy which generally  bulks  when faced with the lack of reliable data. 

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