An Examination of the Legal and Commercial Aspects of the New Round of US Unilateral Sanctions against Iran

Assessing the possible impacts of the new round of US unilateral sanctions against Iran and taking prudential measures to stave off the negative effects of such policies are among priorities of the Iranian economy. In this sense, A Seminar was held here in Tehran July 18, 2018, to examine the legal and economic aspects of the new round of US unilateral sanctions against Iran within an academic approach. The Seminar also addressed the impacts of US measures on the international contracts that have been concluded between Iranian and foreign enterprises since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) was put into effect. In her opening remarks, Dr. Marjan Faghih Nasiri, The ITSR President and the head of the Seminar stated that US sanctions have a manifold nature covering economic, financial, technological, political, diplomatic and military issues. She further emphasized that financial sanctions do not target commodities but seek to entangle the whole process of economic activities. 


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